• Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel

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Group accommodations

Group accommodations at Landgoed de Biestheuvel

Are you looking for a group accommodation for a weekend away from home? Both small and large groups will feel at home in one of our 9 luxurious group accommodations at our unique property. Our accommodations are suitable for groups from 12 up to 43 people. At maximum 245 people can stay at Landgoed de Biestheuvel. Our group accommodations can be rented all together or separately.

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In this search and book module you can check the availability.

Attractive surroundings for both young and old

Choosing for a group accommodation at Landgoed de Biestheuvel means staying in a particular part of the Netherlands: the Kempen in Brabant, a region between Eindhoven, Tilburg and the Belgium border. In the Dutch and Belgium Kempen you can explore old villages with nice shops and antique markets. At Landgoed de Biestheuvel you are surrounded by greenery. So take a walk into nature or explore de Kempen by bike. You will meet several cozy terraces to discover the good life.  Experience the hospitality of the Kempen people. Are you visiting with children? Ask us for the many child friendly addresses nearby.

Meal service, from our own kitchen

Of course, your theme party, company party or a networking drink needs some kind of catering.
Why not treat yourself and let us deliver your meals at home? Depending on the package you choose you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or  3course diner every day. What about limitless coffee and/or tea? Do you have a special moment during the day? Do not hesitate to ask us for our possibilities as we can organize for example  wine tasting or an appetizer buffet.
We deliver your meal, all you have to do is set the table nicely and do the dishes afterwards.

Outdoor activities

You won’t get bored during your stay at Landgoed de Biestheuvel. In the direct surroundings of Landgoed de Biestheuvel you can swim, take a bicycle tour or play golf. Do you prefer staying at our Landgoed? You can play a match of Jeu de Boules at our course. Children can also play on the sports field or enjoy the playground with among other things a slide, climbing frames and an air trampoline. Do you like more of a challenge? Our fully skilled Outdoor team can organize several activities such as survival training, climbing courses or paintball for example.

Creative day program

You can give your bachelor party, family reunion or weekend with friends a creative impulse. Landgoed de Biestheuvel offers  you a large scale of possibilities, such as a workshop Bachata dance, painting or go on a nature excursion. Our team takes pleasure in preparing a nice and challenging program for you. Transportation can be arranged with a hoof wagon or American school bus (both accessible for wheelchairs).

Interested or more information?

Became curious about Landgoed de Biestheuvel? Take a look into our group accommodations for more information and availability. In case you prefer personal contact please call us at phone number  +31 (0)497 59 12 57. We will answer your questions and give you more information. Please also call us if the period you chose is not available on our website.

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  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel - Entree
  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel - Entree
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Groepsaccommodaties op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel - Maaltijdservice
  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel - Maaltijdservice
  • Amerikaanse Schoolbus Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel - Huifwagen met Traktor
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  • Klompengolf op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
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  • Wandklimmen op Landgoed de Biestheuvel
  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel
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  • Landgoed de Biestheuvel
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