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Meeting rooms and group accommodations for companies in the Brabantse Kempen

Do you have a company party on your program soon? Are you looking for an inspiring location for your networking drink, brainstorm, product presentation, trade fair or meeting? Or being a trainer/coach searching for a suitable locations for your workshops, trainings or seminars? With its 9 group accommodations and several meeting rooms Landgoed de Biestheuvel provides you with the perfect circumstances to make your business event a success. As a host with an eye for detail we take pleasure in arranging your meeting to the last detail.

Our rooms contain all modern facilities needed for meetings from 10 up to 400 people, including sufficient parking space.  You are also welcome for an overnight stay at Landgoed de Biestheuvel. Our luxurious group accommodations provide beds for a maximum of 245 people.

Look here which group accommodation suits your company best.

All facilities at one place

As a business meeting location in the Eindhoven region Landgoed de Biestheuvel has built an excellent name. We are well-known for our location by many companies already. They are satisfied with having all of our facilities in one place to guarantee a successful event. Needless to say we treat our business clients well.

We make sure your event will be effortless. From a lunch to an outdoor event or outdoor activities, from an overnight stay to a creative workshop: our team will take care of you from arrival to departure. Each group accommodation has a cozy living with a fireplace and a bar. Which time the bar closes is up to you. With pleasure we will advise you in putting together a program that fully meets your expectations.


Meal service from our own kitchen

To pamper your guests why not use meal service?
Depending on the package you choose you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or  3course diner every day.
Do you have special diet-wishes? Don’t worry about that. Our kitchen team will be happy to provide alternatives to accommodate your dietary preferences. What about limitless coffee and/or tea? We deliver your meal, all you have to do is set the table nicely and do the dishes afterwards. It is also possible to order a standard package of drinks in the bar. When choosing this option, you can If you will choose the closing time of your party yourself!
Of course, we can also enjoy your meals in our restaurant.

Interested or more information?

Became curious about Landgoed de Biestheuvel? Take a look into our group accommodations for more information and availability. In case you prefer personal contact please call us at phone number  +31 (0)497 59 12 57. We will answer your questions and give you more information. Please also call or email us if the period you chose is not available on our website.

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